Mt. Olive Church Addition/Remodeling

2460 Mt. Olive Drive

Suamico, WI  54313


  • T001     Title Sheet, Project Information, Code Review 

  • G003     Code Details, Egress Plan

  • A100     Overall Site Plan, Construction Site Plan, Details
  • A200     First Floor Demolition Plan
  • A201     Basement Addition Plan (also Basement Demolition Plan)
  • A202     First Floor Alddition Plan, Room Finish Schedule, Door Schedule
  • A300     Building Elevations
  • A400     Building Sections

  • S100     Structural General Notes
  • S200     Foundation Plan, Foundation Details
  • S201     Shear Wall Plan, Shear Wall Schedule & Details
  • S202     Floor Framing Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Notes, Schedules, Details

  • M100     HVAC Plan (dated May 15, 2017)
  • M101     HVAC Demolition, Schedules & Details (dated May 15, 2017)

  • P.1        Main Floor Vent & Waste
  • P.2        Main Floor Plumbing Fixtures
  • P.3        Plumbing  Isometric, Schedules and Spec

  • E100    Demolition Plan
  • E200    Lighting Plans
  • E201    Emergency Lighting Plan
  • E202    Power/Systems Plan
  • E700    Schedules and Details
  • E701    Riser and Symbols

Project Manual (Specification)