2475 West Mason Street

Green Bay, WI  54303


The Project consists of the construction work for Tenet, a farm to table restaurant and market.  It is a complete remodeling of a former sports bar and restaurant (Buster’s which is 5,600 square foot with partial basement) and a small kitchen addition (630 square feet on the southeast corner). 

The demolition work includes complete removal of portions of 2 exterior walls for a kitchen addition and selective demolition of parts of the interior slab on grade concrete (for new plumbing) and exterior walls (for 3 new entrances).  As part of the demolition, the exterior stone veneer and entrance canopies will be removed.

The new construction / addition includes slab on grade, light gauge metal studs and roof joists framing with metal deck.  Roof will be insulated with sheet insulation and covered with fully adhered membrane roofing.  The walls will have batt insulation with proper weather and vapor barriers to receive metal panel exterior and sheetrock interior.

Remodeling and interior finishes include new ceramic tile kitchen and toilet room floors, acoustical lay-in ceilings throughout the kitchen and toilet rooms and in portions of the restaurant (installed as “clouds” in the restaurant portion).  There is a wood framed, raised dining area that will be expanded, framing for a couple of rooms, select areas of soffit, bulkhead and ceiling treatment and a fresh coat of paint for the existing walls.  There are miscellaneous wood panel partitions, refurbishing of the “counter” (former bar) and removal of the previous entrance to be replaced with an aluminum storefront window system.  One of the new entry doors will also have an interior glass vestibule.

The HVAC system is being upgraded to expand the capacity of the system.  (The existing roof top unit is kept in place.)  The HVAC distribution system is replaced in the existing building.  The electrical system includes a new 600 amp service, fixtures and electrical routing as needed.  The bathroom fixtures are replaced with two fewer fixtures and reconfigured for better accessibility.  The kitchen is completely new for plumbing, HVAC and electrical.  The building requires upgrade to include sprinkler system.

Site work will be limited to blending grades for the new addition; installing new parking lot lighting, selective replacement and patching of the asphalt and limited concrete work at the entrances.

 Alternates are being considered for exterior wall insulation, re-roof of the existing building and patio seating.


June 11, 2018 - See Addendum 01, also A201, A400, and E100 have been changed and can be found below.  The Project Manual can be found at the end of the drawing list.

June 18, 2018 - See Addendum 02.

June 20, 2018 - See Addendum 03.    NOTE:  THE BID DUE DATE IS CHANGED TO WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2018

June 25, 2018 - See Addendum 04.

June 26, 2018 - See Addendum 05.

June 27, 2018 - See Addendum 06.

A100 Site Plan
D201 Demolition Plan  Updated May 31, 2018
D301 Exterior Demolition
A200 Basement Plan with Stair Detail 
A201 1st Floor Plan, Schedules & Details  Revised June 11, 2018
A202 Detail Plans & Plan Details  Revised June 18, 2018
A203 Reflected Ceiling Plan & Details
A300 Elevations Updated June 18, 2018
A400 Building Sections; Additional Elevation  Updated June 7, 2018
K201 Kitchen, Counter & Market Plans
S100 Structural General Notes
S200 Foundation Plan & Details
S201 Framing Plan & Details  Updated May 31, 2018
DP101 Demolition Plumbing Plan
P101 Plumbing Basement Floor Plan
P102 Plumbing 1st Floor Plan
P201 Plumbing Waste & Vent Schematic & Details
P301 Plumbing Water Isometric, Details & Calcs
H100 HVAC Schedules, General Notes & Details
H200 HVAC Demo Plan
H201 HVAC Floor Plan
H202 Gas Piping Plan
E100 Electrical Site Plan  Revised June 7, 2018
E101 Electrical Demolition Plan
E102 Electrical Lighting Plan
E103 Electrical Power Plan
E104 Electrical Schedule & Details