Thoughtful, Innovative, Sustainable

Truly memorable design moves beyond the three-dimensional and exhilarates, enlightens and enhances the human experience. 

Thoughtful, innovative and sustainable design works with a 4th dimension – time.  It is in time that a building or space becomes great, great in terms of meeting the needs of the owners and users.  In time, materials either endure or decay.  In time, the flow through a space either works or is modified.  In time, a building is either a wise investment or burdensome overhead.  In time, a building either becomes part of the sustainable environment or a problem to the owners and community.  In time, a design is either replicated or razed.

The "best design considers this fourth dimension- time.  Time defines the durability of the materials, the users sequence through a space, the fit for the stakeholders and environment and the space's prominence in the community.

Dimension IV is a planning and architectural firm that provides thoughtful, innovative sand sustainable solutions for municipalities, businesses, developers, and residents.  

From strategic planning and visioning to construction documents and bidding administration, Dimension IV approaches each project as a partner from the beginning.



NEWS UPDATE: Dan Roarty has been recognized by the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce as "An Innovator!"  Click here to learn more!

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